Assembly visitor

On Thursday 18th January, Leila from the Sailors Society charity came in a spoke to use about the ‘Wettest School Run’. The World’s Wettest School Run Appeal aims to collect enough coins to stretch 2km when they are lined up edge to edge – the distance children at Sulangan Integrated School in the Philippines had to wade, or even swim, to school before Sailors’ Society provided them with two motorised boats.
The Sailors’ Society is dedicated to supporting seafarers and their families in need around the world. It wants to raise money for its education programme to help more children in seafaring communities around the world – including another school run boat and a library boat in the Philippines, funding a school in Ghana, education grants for children whose parents are in poverty and more.
We learnt about the children from Sulangan Integrated School and their difficult school run. We were asked to bring in toys and items of clothing to discover the distance they had travelled by sea to get to us. We really enjoyed this assembly and managed to raise nearly £50.

We want like to thank our wonderful visitors Leila and Nicky for coming and visiting us!