Children’s Voice on Physical Education!

On Thursday 1st February, Mr Day, a PE specialist, came into school to discuss Physical Education with the pupils in Key Stage 2.
Miss Loader wanted to know how the children thought PE could be improved. They came up with a range of responses. Some are listed below:

  • New football goals
  • A variety of new equipment to include: tennis balls and rackets and new gymnastic mats
  • Netball equipment to be available at break times and lunchtimes
  • Access to more swimming lessons
  • Climbing lessons

The children were very engaged throughout the session. It was great to see that in Kingfisher Class, 96% of the class said they enjoyed PE and 83% stated that they would like to take part in more PE.
It was also wonderful to hear that 92% of Kingfisher Class said that they had a healthy lifestyle.