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School Open Morning

It was lovely to see Alfie in a ‘normal’ day-to-day classroom setting. It felt less like the children were ‘on display’ – if you know what I mean!
If you’d like to have Oscar in the office next time, that would be great!

I enjoyed the time I had in the classroom and also for having the opportunity to work with Alex.

Really useful and insightful. Look forward to the next one.
Ability to see other Years’ work. Really interesting.

It was good to have the opportunity to see how the children learn in class and also to have the chance to look at their work on display and also the workbooks in the Hall.
It was lovely to see how enthusiastic all the children were and also the fun and varied ways Mrs Rees teaches the various topics.
Thank you.

I really valued this opportunity to come and watch a lesson and be involved in the activities the children were doing.
I was very impressed with the fun activities provided and how focused the children were despite parents being in the class.
Thank you very much! A lovely morning!

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