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Teaching art across the curriculum…

At St Helens Primary we follow the National Curriculum for Art. We produce a variety of work using different tools and materials, and we are inspired by our beautiful school field and surrounding area. We teach art across the curriculum. You can find details of what your child is learning here.

In September 2016, we held our second Arts Week, enabling the children to work with local artists to extend their skills and knowledge and produce some wonderful work.



…and after school

Our wonderful parents and friends from St Helens run an after school club where children have the opportunity to create costumes to take part in the Ryde Mardi Gras, and St Helens’ Carnival, and explore a variety of different techniques. On a Wednesday afternoon after school, Miss Loader runs a Craft Club with two clever grandmas who combine their skills to encourage the children to make quilts, appliqued bags, beautiful cushions and festive Christmas bunting. They also have the opportunity to learn how to knit and make bobbin lace.