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E-Safety Day

On Thursday 22nd February, Rob Ellis, ICT Consultant and former teacher, came into school to visit each class to take a workshop on e-Safety as appropriate for the children’s ages.
He covered online activities, chat rooms and social media and gave good advice about staying safe at all times.
We advised parents he was also doing a workshop for parents from 2.30pm-3.00pm and it was disappointing that only one parent attended.

Children’s Voice on Physical Education!

On Thursday 1st February, Mr Day, a PE specialist, came into school to discuss Physical Education with the pupils in Key Stage 2.
Miss Loader wanted to know how the children thought PE could be improved. They came up with a range of responses. Some are listed below:

  • New football goals
  • A variety of new equipment to include: tennis balls and rackets and new gymnastic mats
  • Netball equipment to be available at break times and lunchtimes
  • Access to more swimming lessons
  • Climbing lessons

The children were very engaged throughout the session. It was great to see that in Kingfisher Class, 96% of the class said they enjoyed PE and 83% stated that they would like to take part in more PE.
It was also wonderful to hear that 92% of Kingfisher Class said that they had a healthy lifestyle.

The Wonders of Book!

On the 20th January 2018, there was a painting party for our wonderful library bus. We are working on the old chairs trying to remove most of them. Luckily, we have got some kind adults helping us achieve our dream of turning this old bus into a library. This includes our caretaker, Mr Peter Dalby.
He is kindly working hard at making book shelves for our library bus. The kind donations have been used to purchase a projector for the bus.
This bus is going to be a good opportunity for the children to have fun while reading. We are very grateful for all the hard work that has been put into this bus. We are sure that the children of St Helens Primary School will love it very much.
All of us would like to thank you for your hard work. Please keep your eyes open for more information and requests for help in the newsletter and separate letters.

Written by Ruby M, Mia, Cyrus, Tilly Y and Tilly R (Kingfisher Class)

Assembly visitor

On Thursday 18th January, Leila from the Sailors Society charity came in a spoke to use about the ‘Wettest School Run’. The World’s Wettest School Run Appeal aims to collect enough coins to stretch 2km when they are lined up edge to edge – the distance children at Sulangan Integrated School in the Philippines had to wade, or even swim, to school before Sailors’ Society provided them with two motorised boats.
The Sailors’ Society is dedicated to supporting seafarers and their families in need around the world. It wants to raise money for its education programme to help more children in seafaring communities around the world – including another school run boat and a library boat in the Philippines, funding a school in Ghana, education grants for children whose parents are in poverty and more.
We learnt about the children from Sulangan Integrated School and their difficult school run. We were asked to bring in toys and items of clothing to discover the distance they had travelled by sea to get to us. We really enjoyed this assembly and managed to raise nearly £50.

We want like to thank our wonderful visitors Leila and Nicky for coming and visiting us!

Assembly visitor

On Thursday 11th January, we were visited by Nicky and learnt about the ‘Be Bright, Be Seen!’ campaign. This assembly was all about bike safety and being seen during the dark nights.
Mitchel and Oliver, from Kingfisher Class, had to dress us in dark clothes and bright clothes to show us the difference.

Upcoming Events

  1. Scholastic Book Fair

    26 September @ 2:30 pm - 30 September @ 3:45 pm
  2. Ark and the Dove performance

    3 October
  3. Scholastic Book Fair

    3 October @ 2:30 pm - 7 October @ 3:45 pm
  4. Years 2 and 5 – Fire & Roadsafety Roadshow

    7 October
  5. Literacy Festival at Ryde School

    10 October
  6. Parents Evening

    14 October
  7. Harvest Festival

    16 October @ 10:00 am - 10:30 am
  8. School breaks for half term

    18 October @ 3:00 pm
  9. Fun Gala Auction – Brading Haven Yacht Club

    18 October @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  10. Autumn Term 2 starts

    4 November @ 8:45 am