Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome to Explorers Class at St Helens Primary School!

We just wanted to say hello and we thought that it might be useful to provide you with some general information about what will be happening over the next few weeks. 

An important part of the Foundation Stage is to encourage independence. We would like the children to be left at the entrance to school as soon as possible, rather than parents/carers coming into the class. We appreciate that initially you may need to accompany your child into the classroom. However, all parents need to have left the classroom before 8.55am (when the front door closes). This will allow us to help the children to adjust to our daily routine and we find that children settle much quicker this way.

At the end of their school day (3pm) we will escort the children to the front entrance of school. If someone different is picking your child up, please let us know beforehand.  For your child’s safety, we will not let them go with any other adults unless we have been informed.

Mrs Lacey and Mrs Allman will be teaching half of the week each (Mrs Lacey – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday am and Mrs Allman – Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday) and our HLTA, Mrs Sharp, will be in the classroom full time. If you have any questions about anything to do with your child and their education you are very welcome to talk to any one of us.

School Uniform

It is essential that you label your child’s uniform (including shoes and PE kits). When we change for PE it is very difficult to distinguish between pupil’s uniforms unless they are labelled clearly and we do not want to lose anything.

Show and Tell

From Friday 20th September, Show and Tell will be every Friday (3 children each week). You will be informed when it is your child’s turn to bring something in.  If your child would like to bring something in for Show and Tell, we ask that it be something that they can talk about (e.g. a favourite book, picture, something they have made or something new.)

We would appreciate it if you could ensure that your child does not bring in toys from home on other school days as items can be easily lost or broken.


As an introduction to the Foundation Stage, our first topic will be ‘Marvellous Me’. This should enable the children and adults within the class to get to know each other and help the children to settle into school.

We would really appreciate it if every child could bring in a baby picture of themselves. We will copy the pictures and send them straight back so they don’t get lost. We would like to make a display using the copies.

We will also be thinking about healthy eating, exercise and looking after ourselves and others. We always try to get out and about on as many trips as we can in Explorers Class and hopefully this year will be no exception!


Explorers Class PE sessions will be on Tuesday afternoon each week. As it is an important part of the curriculum, please make sure your child has a full, labelled PE kit in school every day.

Home Reading and Phonics

We want to get started with reading books straight away, so you will find a reading record book and reading book in your child’s book bag shortly. Every child starts with a book without words and a guide sheet for parents to read to their child. There are also questions for your child to answer about the story. This is an important starting point for your child’s reading development. We will read with your child regularly within school but would be very grateful if you could please support them with sharing their reading books at home as often as possible.

Reading Meeting

On Monday 23rd September at 2.30pm, we would like to invite all Explorer Class parents in for a reading meeting. We take this opportunity to explain our phonics programme and give you some advice and understanding of what we are doing in school to help your child with their reading and also how you can help at home. It would be very beneficial for as many parents as possible to attend.

Family Fun Time

From Monday 30th September, we would like to invite Explorers Class parents to join us. Every Monday at 2.30pm, for the last half an hour of school day, you are welcome to come and play games and read stories with us. It is an opportunity for you to spend some time with your child in their classroom to experience school life. We understand this will not be possible for everyone and you may not be able to come every week, but we would love to see you when you can!

Reading Bus

Parents are also very welcome to join us every Thursday afternoon at 2.30pm on our library bus. This is an opportunity to share books with your child and their friends.

Please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Foundation Stage Team if you have any questions or worries!

Thank you very much for all your support. Mrs Lacey and Mrs Allman