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Staff Structure 2018-2019

Headteacher - Mr Wake (GOV)
Staffing, attendance, timetabling, inset provision, governor, SIP, threshold, performance management leader, newsletters, monitoring and evaluating, curriculum overview responsibilities, Health & Safety, child protection, lead behaviour professional responsibility for assessment, including marking and reporting to parents across the school.
Senior Teacher - Miss Croucher
KS2 Co-ordinator, co-ordinate SAT's, English Leader, monitoring and evaluating, performance management leader (TA's), Deputy Safeguarding Lead, curriculum topic overview responsibilities, G&T coordinator, training for TA's.

Key Stage 1 Lead - Mrs Rees
Phonics and KS1 assessment, KS1 coordinator, coordinate SAT's, monitoring and evaluating, monitoring and evaluating T&L.
EYFS Lead, EYFS Coordinator - Mrs Lacey
Maths Leader - Mrs Maloney (GOV)
Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Maths across the school, monitor and plan improvements, attend training, provide CPD.
English Leader - Miss Croucher
Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Literacy across the school, monitor and plan improvements, attend training, provide CPD.
Science Co-ordinator - Mrs Rees
English Leader - Miss Croucher
Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Science across the school, monitor and plan improvement, attend training, provide CPD.
Pupil Premium Leader
- Mr Wake

Coordinate and monitor the use of PP across the school, monitor and plan improvement.

Looked After Children - Mrs Lacey
Equality and diversity coordinator.
SENCo - Mrs Marlton (GOV) (0.2)
Class Teachers
Miss Croucher
Mrs Maloney
Mrs Rees
Mrs Lacey
Mrs Allman
Mrs Sharp
Mrs Yardley
Mrs McDougall
Mrs Jenvey
Mrs Rue (0.5)
Mrs Ashdown (0.7)
Mrs Hayward (0.6)
Mrs Holden (0.4)
Specialist Teachers
Mrs Shenton PE (0.2)
Mr Shepherd PE (0.1)
Mrs Cowley MFL (0.1)
Foundation Subjects Co-ordinator - Miss Croucher
Coordinate and monitor foundation subjects, centralise resources and action planning.
Arts Leader - Mrs ReesICT & Tech Leader - Mr Hammerton (0.2)MFL - Miss CroucherHistory & Geography Leader - Mrs MaloneyMusic Leader - Mrs AllmanPHSE & RE Leader - Mrs LaceyPE Leader - Mr Day/Mrs ShentonELSA Leader - Mrs JenveyS&L Leader - Mrs Yardley
(In training)
Drama Leader - Mrs McDougall
Office Administrators
Mrs Anderson (Office Manager)
Mrs Taylor
Mr Whiting
School finances, contracts
Mr Wake, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Rainford, Mr Booth, Mrs Maloney, Mr Murwill, Mr Howard, Mr Bacon, Mrs Marlton
Clerk to the Governors
Supply TeacherSite Manager - Mr DalbyCatering - Mrs Rostron (Caterlink)After School Club

Pre School@St Helens
Midday Supervisors
Mrs Taylor, Mrs Vine, Mrs Robertson
Mrs Porter