What do Governors at St Helens do?

The Governing Body has three specific roles these are:

·      To be strategic and ensure that the vision and direction of the school is clear

·      To act as critical friend in the development of the school and to hold the headteacher to account for the school’s performance

·      To be accountable to the whole school community and ensure the financial resources of the school are used in a proper and effective way.

How we Work

The governing body has established a Strategy Group which helps prepare the business for the Full Governing Body, a Finance Committee and various statutory panels.  Each governor has a specific responsibility for an area of the curriculum or of school practice.  The governor responsible for each area will report back to the full governing body (FGB).  We meet as a Full Governing Body every term. 

The statutory panels only meet when they are needed and these are:

·      Headteacher Performance Management

·      Pay Review

·      Complaints

       As Governors we also share a common objective which is the wider school community – working in partnership with you as parents and carers and staff  to ensure that every child can succeed and reach their full potential. To achieve this, and to carry out our role as Governors effectively, we need to know what issues are important to you (so we remain responsive) and ensure that you know what issues Governors are discussing (so that we remain accountable).That is why as Governors we work closely with Mr Wake and Staff to ensure that we continue to deliver a high standard of education to our children at St Helens.

The most important thing to note is that Governors are a team, not a collection of individuals or groups with separate agendas. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to the school and the responsibility we share for the school’s long term success. 

All relevant information is included on the School’s Website. Please remember that the website is a good way of keeping up to date with all aspects of school life.

If you have a concern or a point of view to share please let us know. We can be contacted via the School Office or by e-mail   admin(@)sthelenspri.iow.sch.uk

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the coming months and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to assure you that we will continue working with Mr Wake and his Staff Team, parents and pupils as we all together strive to make St Helens an Outstanding School.