St Helens is a delightful school. It has lots of lovely teachers and teaching assistants. The school does lots of great activities like sailing, beach school, residentials, tag rugby,football and much more.

Rosie aged 10

St Helens is a good school to be. I’ve only just joined and I would really recommend this school.

Reuben aged 10

I like this school . It has nice teachers and nice people.

Harry aged 10

Even though were only a small school, everyone is kind and we look out for each other other. One of my favourite things is the plays because it is really fun and our friends and family all come along and watch. I love maths because we get fun challenges and in English we get to write incredible stories. Music and art are really great because we can be free and creative. Last but not least, I love all the teachers because they are kind and caring. So that’s why I love my school.

Bea aged 10

I love every day and I’m sure you would too.

Madison aged 10

Are you considering taking your child to a new school? Well St Helens is the place to go!

Nancy aged 11

At St Helens we do lots of fun stuff like: Maths, English, art, PE, re, topic, Science, French, Lunch and assembly. Our clubs are arts and crafts, tag rugby and football at the moment. We also go on a residential in year 6 to Easst Dene in Bonchurch.

Elliot aged 10