NHS – Little Blue Book of Sunshine
As the Island’s High Sheriff I have been encouraged to see how most children and young people have dealt with the pandemic but acutely aware of the significant deterioration in mental health across all age groups. I am sure your organisations have already gone a long way to try and tackle this but wanted to offer some extra help. 
Encouraged by the NHS and IOWC the IW High Sheriffs Trust have commissioned these short films focusing on young peoples well being and mental health. These films aim to get a solid message through in an attractive and digestible format for use on platforms children & young people (and many older people) prefer to use  – perhaps easier than blocks of text on a web site !
Wave Project https://youtu.be/5tTshsh8hKQ
Wave Project (short) https://youtu.be/cBB798mN3sE
Youth Trust https://youtu.be/H-QjCxYyGZc
Youth Trust (short) https://youtu.be/KM1f22D-ZK8
Isorropia https://youtu.be/_utEobznbgg
Isorropia (short) https://youtu.be/J4DJ3r2UxTk