I like playing football outside. At football club I have scored lots of goals . We do PE and topic, maths and science in class. In science I like to make electrical circuits. Harry P age 9

One of my favourite lessons is art because it is calming and relaxing. We did a portrait of Queen Victoria , the way we did it is was pointillism. Jasmine age 9

Hi and welcome. I hope you will enjoy this. St Helens is a great school. I think so, I love everything about it. There is a football pitch, toys in the shed, a tyre park and much more. George age 9

St Helens Primary is the best in the world. It’s got a big field with a football pitch. All the children get to go on the field and get all the toys out. My favourite subject is PE because I like sports. Hadleigh age 9

St Helens Primary School is the best school in the world and all the children and teachers are really nice. My favourite subject is maths because you get to learn new methods. Logan age 10