A few hints and tips

We thought it would be helpful to offer some tips for all the new and faithful supporters who make our school so much more effective. The following guidelines address the areas that most frequently concern our volunteers, but do ask a member of staff if you have any other questions.


We expect our children to behave with courtesy and good manners. Sometimes, however, our children will ‘test’ new volunteers by being less controlled than they might be with a teacher. As long as the behaviour is not out of hand, it is usually better to ignore it. If it persists, please pass the problem on to a member of staff.

Working with a group

When working with a group, your role is to support and encourage the children. Avoid the temptation to do the work for them! Give them plenty of time to find a solution before supplying an answer and always praise their efforts.

You will often need to instruct or remind the group about the task they have to complete before they can start work.

If you are doing something creative, remember it’s the child’s work, not yours, that is the object of the exercise!

Hearing readers

Before starting to read, ask the child to re-cap on the story for you. Show an interest in the characters and make the child feel as though he or she is giving you a big treat! If a child is stuck on a word, ask him or her to break the word up, use the pictures, or make an intelligent guess, before saying the word.

If you have been asked to write in the reading comment book, please do so sensitively and always positively.


You will have a different perspective on the school having worked in a classroom. Children’s behaviour, ability and attitude to learning will be obvious to you, and we ask you not to share these insights outside of school.

Feedback with staff

Staff will want to hear how you got on, but there may not be time between lessons. Please jot down any concerns or insights you may wish to share if you don’t have the opportunity to speak with the teacher directly.

Health and safety

In case of a fire, please sign the Visitors’ Book in the school entrance at the beginning and end of each session. Please also check the fire alarm procedures on display in every room as a precaution.

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who volunteer. As a volunteer you are an honoured guest in our school and we will endeavour to treat you as such. You are welcome to make use of the staffroom, where there are tea and coffee making facilities.