Parent feedback March 2023

Teachers are amazing!!!

We love the school and would absolutely recommend.
The school is fantastic and we are so happy all three of our children will be attending in September. Thank you.
P.S. I would also like to say how amazing Mrs Ferrier is. She has changed Oliver’s school life completely. She is incredible, as is Mrs Gorman & Mrs Rees. Mr Popple has given Blossom so much confidence and he really believes in her. They have a great understanding of each other.

The kids seem to thrive in the learning environment at St Helens!

Clubs & activities: I wish there were more.

My child was being bullied on a daily basis and it was not dealt with, the only reason it stopped is that the child doing the bullying left the school.
My son’s grades and behaviour have slipped, the first I knew about this was in his school report.
I find communication a bit poor in terms of children expected to tell their parents important things rather than a text being sent out, however where money is concerned we receive messages, numerous.
I would like to see the school try to implement an electronic banking system instead of cash and maybe on online portal for updates about children, including important messages for parents.

I have sent four of my children to this school, my eldest left her previous school through Year 3 so she started at St Helens late. I highly recommend this school to anyone who asks. They see each student as an individual. My children suffered the loss of their father while here and the support for them has been amazing, each and every teacher, the receptionists and Headteacher are doing a fantastic job.

Bullying: Currently have a situation but understand things have improved.
After having a bad experience regarding myself, the school and children”s mother I feel have turned a corner regarding this and don’t feel unable to contact the school and approach them with matters raised.
Both children are doing great at school and the school must be recognised for this!
Only thing I can suggest on improving, although my knowledge, day to day, is limited – is that extra support if they are struggling, should be offered and they shouldn’t be punished if no fault of their own.

My children have been really happy at St Helens and I am so pleased with the range of extra activities to challenge them e.g. 10 weeks sailing.

Pupils are well behaved: It feels that bad behaviours is being rewarded.
I am sure there is more going on “behind the scenes” with the current disruptive child/ren, however it feels like a particularly badly behaved child is not being controlled well enough by the school.
I think the Headteacher’s helper in the assembly, should be a role for a responsible child NOT one who is known to misbehave.
This should be a ‘Head Pupil’ role where good behaviour is rewarded.

No complaints at all. We love the school and thank everyone for a the work, effort and time they put into the children and all the opportunities they offer for such a small school.
We wouldn’t have wanted her to go anywhere else.
Thank you.

My daughter started in St Helens in October and has greatly improved during her time at the school. In her previous school she could barely read and write but is now pretty confident in both.

A great school, we are lucky to have such a lovely school in the village.

My daughter struggled terribly with her maths before attending St Helens and was reported to be at a level two years younger than she was.
Since attending St Helens she is now reported to be at her expected level and I believe that this is due to the additional support, learning style and overall approach from all staff at St Helens.
Thank you.

My child is very happy at St Helens and I am very pleased. Good after school activities are provided and my child enjoys them.

Very safe and caring environment.

Great little school who take great care of pupils.

My son receives support with his speech and language. I have seen a great improvement. I find all staff supportive and approachable.

My child hasn’t been bullied but things have happened I haven’t raised with teachers about other children’s not very kind behaviour.
I’m not very sure how my child is encouraged individually in the class and I’m not sure how positive the classroom is. Having said that, my child is not unhappy.

Ofsted, March 2018