Parent feedback October 2020

“I feel my daughter has had a great start to Year 2. She is now enjoying reading and cracking on with her spellings. We have had some issues with some of the girls in the class, but that was handled really quickly and just how I’d hoped it would be, Thank you.
I my daughter feels safe and happy at school and we, as parents, mirror those feelings. It’s been a tricky year but I feel she has taken all the events of the past seven months in her stride.
My only concern is that my daughter has said she doesn’t get much time to eat her lunch – she comes home with a lot of uneaten food. She does eat slow and often takes some encouragement and she is super fussy. How long do the children get to eat their lunch?
Thank you once again for all you do for my child and for making school a happy and safe place.”

My daughter seems to have settled in very nicely in Year 1.
She is enjoying the work and is progressing nicely, both academically and socially!
Thank you.

“Despite the long period of time away from school, we feel my child has continued to keep up with her learning, with confidence.
We feel her reading has come on well and that she is enjoying this much more as it becomes easier.
The first term back has been a bit of a struggle for her getting back into the swing of normality and she’s had some upsets coming to school and at home, about her anxieties of leaving us. We are finding this to settle a little now and hopefully this is the same at school.”

“My boy seems very happy and I believe he has settled in to Year 1, well. I don’t have any concerns and so will not request a phone call, but, should you feel you would like to discuss his progress, please feel free to get in touch.
Thank you for helping him to settle so quickly.”

“I am very happy with my daughters progress so far. She seems happy and settled.
If you have any concerns, I’d be happy to arrange a phone call, but it’s not essential.”

“I am really pleased with how well my son has settled back into school routine. He has shared what new things he has been learning and in particular he is enjoying making/decorating his clay pot.”

“My son is happy at school as usual, and we know that he is making good progress.”

“My daughter seems really happy to be in Year 5 and talks with enthusiasm about things she has got up to. Her reading has really come on and, whilst her writing stamina needs building up, I don’t have any concerns about her progress. I will therefore not be requesting a phone call, but if there is anything you would like to discuss, please get in touch.
Thank you for helping her settle into Pioneers and ‘welcome’ to Miss Pearson.”

Parent Survey October 2019

School Open Morning

“It was lovely to see Alfie in a ‘normal’ day-to-day classroom setting. It felt less like the children were ‘on display’ – if you know what I mean!
If you’d like to have Oscar in the office next time, that would be great!”

“I enjoyed the time I had in the classroom and also for having the opportunity to work with Alex.”

“Really useful and insightful. I look forward to the next one.”

“Ability to see other Year’s work; really interesting.”

“It was good to have the opportunity to see how the children learn in class and also to have the chance to look at their work on display and also the workbooks in the Hall.
It was lovely to see how enthusiastic all the children were and also the fun and varied ways Mrs Rees teaches the various topics. ”

” I really valued this opportunity to come and watch a lesson and be involved in the activities the children were doing.
I was very impressed with the fun activities provided and how focused the children were despite parents being in class.
Thank you very much! A lovely morning. ”

“A small school that provides many opportunities for children, during school hours and after. It allows them to participate in activities that connect them to the school and the village.”

Parent Survey July 2018

Ofsted, March 2018

“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

“Pupils say they enjoy school and teachers make learning fun.”

“The school is strong at the transition from being at home to starting in reception. I think this is achieved by the home-from-home atmosphere that is created by staff.”

“Governors are supportive and committed to the school. They take their responsibilities seriously and play an important role to ensure that the school continues to improve.”

“The school is good at encouraging children’s individual talents.”

“Staff place an appropriately high emphasis on pupils’ safety and well-being.”

“Relationships with teaching staff seems to be a strength; I perceive them to be very dedicated. Focus on raising standards is apparent. A caring ethos; all you would expect as benefits of being a small school, that each child is know as an individual.”

“Pupils generally make good progress in writing.”

“Pupils now talk confidently about their learning in mathematics and know what they need to do to improve.”

Ofsted, March 2018