Terms or Reference St Helens Primary School Governing Body Strategy Committee

Reporting to the Full Governing Body, the Aims of the Strategy Committee are to develop strategies to ensure the ongoing viability of the school and that all children receive the best possible education, with high levels of progress and attainment.The objectives of the Strategy Committee are to, under the direction of the Full Governing Body and aligning to the yearly schedule of activities:
• In conjunction with the Headteacher, and taking other
stakeholders into account, develop long- and medium-term strategic goals for school, for adoption by FGB
• To work with the Headteacher to develop annual School Development Plan
• To develop strategies for governors to monitor implementation of SDP and Action Plan and ensure this monitoring is carried out
• To forward the development of the FGB and take a strategic approach to governor training
• In respect of policies, the Strategy Committee will oversee the development of, and review and monitor compliance with, a number of policies, as directed by the FGB, these are likely to include:
o Complaints
o Confidentiality
o Data protection
o Equality
o Freedom of Information
o Governor training
o Home school agreement

The Strategy Committee will comprise:
• Chair, elected yearly
• Chair of Governors
• Head teacher
• At least two other governors co-opted annually
• All other members of the FGB may attend any Strategy Committee meeting
The quorum will be three members of the Strategy Committee.
Meeting Frequency: at least half-termly and at other times where necessary.

Administration will be provided from within the Committee.
• Where practical to do so meetings will be paperless.
• Notes of Strategy Committee meetings must be circulated to all governors and Clerk to Governors prior to the next FGB meeting.

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