School meals

Our school meals are provided by Caterlink at a cost of £2.05 a day. This may be subject to change due to market forces. Children in Explorers and Adventurers Class are entitled to Free School Meals under a new Government initiative. Some children enjoy school meals every day; others just have them once or twice a week – when they particularly like what’s on the menu! An up-to-date menu is always available on the board outside the main entrance and here.

We ask that all school meals are paid for in advance each Monday morning. Children should bring their lunch money in a clearly marked envelope and place it in the tray outside the school office.

Free school meals

Children are entitled to free school meals in some circumstances. It is really important that you apply for Free School Meals even if your child is in Explorers and Adventurers Class if you think you are entitled. Please contact the headteacher or the IW Council, if you think you may qualify.

In April 2011, school funding changed and more emphasis was placed on the number of free school meals each school receives (this is called the ‘Pupil Premium’). It is therefore really important that all parents who think they may qualify for free school meals apply for them. There is no obligation for your child to have school meals if you do apply, but it may make a significant difference to our funding and the opportunities we can offer children in our school.

Packed lunches

Children who do not want school meals can bring a packed lunch. We ask parents and carers to make sure that they provide their children with a balanced lunchbox that includes fresh fruit and/or vegetables.

Toast and juice

A reminder that the following is available at morning break times for the children and the daily charge is:
Toast 1 slice – 25p
Crumpet – 50p
½ teacake – 25p
Cuplet of Orange or Apple Juice– 30p

Please specify on the envelope if your child would like apple or orange juice or toast/crumpet/teacake.
Please ensure your child’s full name and class is written on the envelope.
Payment is required on Monday mornings for the week.
Envelopes need to be placed in the trays in the foyer before the start of school, not given to Mrs McCreath in the school kitchen later in the morning as the food is prepared for serving at break time.


Milk is available by registering and paying at Cool Milk.

Other mid-morning snacks

Children in Explorers and Adventurers are given a variety of fruit and vegetables each break time as part of the Government’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Older children may bring in a snack for morning play – for example prepared fruit or vegetables or a small box of raisins. We ask parents not to send in crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks please.

Water and water bottles

We have a filtered water unit in the cloakroom, providing cold water in order to keep the children hydrated. We ask for a small voluntary donation annually towards the cost.

Children are asked to bring a water bottle in with them each day.  In this way we can ensure children have continuous access to water during the school day, which is essential to their health and learning.