Internet access opens up wonderful opportunities for children to learn and have fun and at St Helens Primary School and we have a duty to provide our children with quality Internet access as part of their learning experience.

We also have a duty to make sure our pupils are safe on-line. We have a detailed e-safety policy[link to policy] which sets out how we ensure that children use the Internet appropriately and safely when in school.

We also make great efforts to educate all our children, in an age-appropriate way, about potential dangers – for example, bullying, contact from strangers and accessing inappropriate websites – when they use the Internet out of school.

Important role for parents

Keeping our children safe on-line has to be a joint effort between the school and parents/carers. To help parents and carers understand the issues and the actions they can take to protect their children, the school organises regular e-safety workshops. Please keep an eye on the newsletter to find out when the next one is.

For parents and carers wanting information and advice on e-safety, there are several useful websites and other resources listed in the links below.

@icttalk: Information and Advice for Parents
@icttalk: Internet Safety Useful Resources
CEOP: Checklist for Parents and Carers
UK Safer Internet Centre: Information and Online Resources