Leaflet for parents
SEN Assist – resources
Resources and ideas to help support your child

Here are a number of useful links for your information.

  • Provision Map/TES have a series of webinars on Tuesday mornings at 10 for the next few weeks, repeated on Thursday mornings. About 1hr long – aimed at SENCO support
  • Optimus Education have a great website – at the moment they are offering free courses on Differentiation and Stress management..but there is so much more on there, including a free Parent Partnership programme – go on the website if you have time and have a look
  • Dingley’s Promise are offering a free downloadable manual to inclusive practice in EYFS. They run training which they charge for but the manual is free at the moment and has lots of useful inclusive activities and information. They ask that everyone downloads their own copy so they can gauge the take up..so I am including the link here and you can sign up on the link 
  • https://www.dingley.org.uk/covid-19-response/#training 
  • The Educational Endowment foundation have lots of resources at 
  • SEN assist has some good visual schedules that can be used at home­ http://www.senassist.com/resources.htm
  • Yoga – suitable for children with autism